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Contact SSPC

Contacting SSPC can be accomplished through a variety of means.  In addition to traditional telephone, fax and email, SSPC can also be reached via Twitter (@thesspc), Facebook and LinkedIn.

800 Trumbull Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15205 

Toll Free: 1.877.281.7772 (US Only)
All Others: 1.412.281.2331

Administrative: 412.281.9992
Certification, Conferences, Training: 412.281.9993
Publications, Membership: 412.281.9995

Staff Phone & Email Directory

General Email

SSPC Communications and Services:

Following is a listing of resources that SSPC uses to interact with members and customers. If you are interested about learning more about some of the information services listed please click on the “more info” link to take you to a page with more details about what interests you.

ListServs, Discussion Groups & Social Networking

  • Coatings-Talk [more info ]
  • DOT (Department of Transportation) Discussion list [more info ]
  • Committees Discussion Group [more info ]
  • Marine/Offshore Peer Forum [more info ]
  • PetroChem/Chemical Peer Forum [more info ]
  • Power Facility Owners Peer Forum [more info ]
  • C-1 e-Course Training Discussion [more info ]
  • Social Networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) [more info ]

Electronic Newsletters

Misc Services

  • Become an SSPC JPCL Trial Subscriber [more info