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SSPC Staff Email & Phone Directory

800 Trumbull Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15205 

Toll Free: 1.877.281.7772 (US Only)
All Others: 1.412.281.2331

Administrative: 412.281.9992
Certification, Conferences, Training: 412.281.9993
Publications, Membership: 412.281.9995

Executive Director's Office E-mail Ext.
Bill Worms
- Executive Director
worms@sspc.org x2230
Christine Lajzo
- Executive Admin./Accounts Receivable Coordinator
lajzo@sspc.org x2231
Technology & Communications E-mail Ext.
Michael Kline
- Director, Technology & Communications
kline@sspc.org x2207
Robert Baugh
- Manager, Technology & Communications
baugh@sspc.org x2236
Kate Jurik
- Event Manager & Exhibit Sales Specialist
jurik@sspc.org x2211
Brian Spahr
- Network/IT Specialist
spahr@sspc.org x2220
Business Development E-mail Ext.
Jim Kunkle
- Manager, Business Development
kunkle@sspc.org x2210
Eric Piotrowski
- Business Development Specialist
piotrowski@sspc.org x2212
Member Services E-mail Ext.
Terry Sowers
- Director, Member Services
sowers@sspc.org x2219
Jennifer Merck
- Manager, Training and Technical Programs
merck@sspc.org x2221
Ernie Szoke
- Member Sales & Development Specialist
szoke@sspc.org x2214
Tania Bembridge
- Membership Coordinator
bembridge@sspc.org x2215
Sara Badami
- Training and Technical Program Specialist
badami@sspc.org x2208
Nicole Lourette
- Member Services Fulfillment Coordinator
lourette@sspc.org x2204
Dee Boyle
- Program Delivery Coordinator
boyle@sspc.org x2202
Silvia Palmieri
- Individual Certification Coordinator
palmieri@sspc.org x2201
Terri Mcneill
- Membership Coordinator
mcneill@sspc.org x2233
Nathan Wyman
- Membership Coordinator
wyman@sspc.org x2225
Technical Services E-mail Ext.
Michael Damiano
- Director, Technical Services
damiano@sspc.org x2203
Heather Stiner
- Manager, Technical Services
stiner@sspc.org x2224
Joe Berish
- Manager, Certification Programs
berish@sspc.org x2235
Aimée Beggs
- Standards Development Specialist
- Technical Committee Liaison
beggs@sspc.org x2223
Brent Miller
- Certification Assistant
bmiller@sspc.org x2209
Patrick Eddins
- Technical Auditor
Ted Griggs
- Senior Technical Auditor
Greg Hinkle
- Technical Auditor
Pamela Groff
- Technical Materials Development Specialist
groff@sspc.org x2237
John Kern
- Technical Auditor
Henry Arato
- Technical Auditor
Dane Worms
- Technical Services Coordinator
dworms@sspc.org x2217 
Administration E-mail Ext.
Keith Koebley
- Director, Administration
koebley@sspc.org x2206
Jordan Curry
- Controller
curry@sspc.org x2218
Monica Pierce
- Accounting/Administration Specialist
pierce@sspc.org x2213
Samantha Mudrinich
- Receptionist/Administrative Assistant
receptionist@sspc.org x2200


Questions On: PCI Inspector Certification Internationally

SSPC Holds PCI Programs in the following countries, if you would like to speak to one of our local representatives about the PCI Programs in these countries you can contact:

Indonesia &


Abdul Rashid
  Bani(Abdul) Quim


  Patrick Tan



Malaysia              Tuan Adnan Tuan Ali        tuanadnantuanali@yahoo.co.uk
Bonifacio Pangan precsphil@yahoo.com 
Thailand         Kevin Yeo                 kevin@arkcothailand.com
Vietnam          Nguyen Tin                 nguyen-tin@tinduc.com.vn