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Electronic Newletters

Exhibitor ListServ Interest

The Exhibitor listserve is a discussion listserve exclusively dedicated to the upcoming SSPC Conference Exhibitors. This is a closed listserve only for the dissemination of important progam dates, and information only relavent to exhibitors. If you are a current Exhibitor, and want to be on this list, or want to exhibit at the upcoming conferences then contact Kate Jurik at jurik@sspc.org, PH: 412-281-2331 x2211, Fax: 412-281-9993.

Confernces & Training ListServ

The SSPC Confernces & Training Listserve is a very low traffic listserve (only about 2 to 5 messages a year) which are solely dedicated to letting subscribers know about upcoming coatings related conference information, and coatings training. Contact SSPC at info@sspc.org to get your email address added to this list.

SSPC eNews ListServ Information

SSPC eNews is a monthly email newsletter is intended to let you know about recent developments at SSPC, upcoming deadlines, and other important news and events.  eNews is provided as a service to members and customers of SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings. If you enjoy receiving it and find it beneficial, please let us know--better yet, tell a colleague! To joing the eNews mailing list, send email to enews@sspc.org with the subject "Subscribe eNews." To be removed from the list, send email to enews@sspc.org with the subject "Unsubscribe eNews."

PCS News ListServ Information

The purpose of this list is to keep SSPC Protective Coatings Specialists informed about what is going on at SSPC relating to your certification. This reminder will only come to you once a month (the 2nd Friday of each month) because we don't want to clutter your inbox. The length of the emails will be brief (no more than 3 items). Inquiries and suggestions should be sent to certification@sspc.org and should mention "PCS" in the subject line.