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JPCL Trial Subscription Form


JPCL - The Voice of SSPC

Please complete the form below to begin receiving a free trial subscription to the JPCL (Journal of Protective Coatings & Linings). If you would like to join SSPC as an Individual member, please click here. PLEASE ALLOW 4 TO 6 WEEKS TO RECEIVE YOUR FIRST ISSUE. Offer valid in U.S., Canada and Mexico ONLY.

Sorry, due to the cost of mailing to foreign locations, we are unable to fill Foreign requests at this time. If you are still interested in receiving the JPCL, contact SSPC at membership@sspc.org to enroll as an SSPC member or subscriber.

NOTE: A red asterisk (*) denotes items required for the form to be processed. If one of the required fields do not apply to you, then fill in with "NA"

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