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Membership Fees

Individual Membership

 1 Year2 Years3 years
North America
(US, Canada, Mexico)
$100.00 $180.00 $250.00
International $125.00 $230.00 $325.00
International Electronic
(Includes digital JPCL only. No printed version.)
$100.00 $180.00 $250.00


NOTE: SSPC accepts payment in U.S. funds only.

SSPC offers discounted rates for retirees and students. There is also a reduced rate for individuals who work for our Industrial Affiliate corporate members. For more information, please send an email to im@sspc.org.

Organizational Membership

Membership LevelCostFlex Points 
Patron Level $800 20 Perfect for small companies!
Sustaining Level $1,750 44 Ideal for QP-certified contractors.
Industrial Affiliate $5,500 82 Most flexibility for large companies or groups with a large number of technical staff.
SSPC also offers custom Organizational Membership packages for companies needing a unique level of flexibility. Please contact Ernie Szoke for more information on customizing your OM package.

Council of Facility Owners

CFO Patron Level $800 25 Great for small water authorities, municipalities, and those who specifiy SSPC standards and certifications.
CFO Sustaining Level $1,800 66 Ideal for Facility Owners with mulitple structures or dedicated maintenance departments.

Please contact Ernie Szoke at 1.412.281.2331, ext. 2214 or send email to szoke@sspc.org to find out about our generous benefit packages for Organizational Members.