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Flexible Benefits for SSPC Organizational Members

The SSPC Flexible Benefits package allows you to customize your membership to get the most value for your company. No matter what level of membership you choose, you decide what works best! Flex Points can be used on training courses, books, exhibit discounts, individual memberships, QP program fees and more.

Here's how it works:  When your company joins SSPC, you receive a certain number of points based on the type of membership you choose.

Membership Level Cost Flex Points Example Flex Options
- PATRON $800 20
1 Individual Member 1 point
1 Book 4 points
C-1, Fundamentals of Protective Coatings Online Course 15 points
C-2, Planning/Specifying Coatings Online Course 15 points
Marine Coatings Online Course 15 points
Quality Control Supervisor Online Course 6 points
Applicator Training Basics Online Course 6 points
Steel Surface Prep Online Course 3 points
Concrete Surface Prep Online Course 3 points
NonFerrous Metal Surface Prep Online Course 3 points
Training Discount Coupon* 6 points
QP Fees Discount 5 points
CFO Conference Coupon (only for CFO Level) 5 points
- SUSTAINING † $1,750 44
- INDUSTRIAL AFFILIATE (Provides the most flexibility for large corporate organizations or those with a heavy concentration of technical staff.) $5,500+ 82+
Facility Owners Membership Levels    
- PATRON CFO* $800 25
- SUSTAINING CFO* $1,800 66

* Patron CFO and Sustaining CFO members can use Flex Points to attend the annual SSPC Conference on a Full Conference Registration package. Maximum of 1 voucher per individual member.

* Training Discount Coupon, or Flex Points, cannot apply towards PCI Training Online eCourse.


For more information, please contact SSPC at 1.877.281.SSPC, 412.281.2331 or OM@SSPC.org.