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Inspection-Companies DAC

SSPC-QP 5 Certification Disciplinary Action Criteria (DAC)

The QP 5 Disciplinary Action Criteria and administrative procedures are intended to strengthen the reputation of the QP 5 Certification and thus make certification more valuable. Coating Inspection Firms who maintain certification standards benefit from the increased recognition and opportunities that come with being part of a program with high standards.

The QP 5 Disciplinary Action Criteria and administrative procedures establish procedures and rules for, issuing warnings to certified inspection firms, putting firms on probation, conducting special audits, suspending, revoking, or denying certification of inspection firms about whom critical faults in safety, environmental compliance, quality/service, or ethical practice have been reported and verified.

SSPC believes that companies who invoke the requirements of a QP 5 quality management system (QMS) and any other policies and procedures to supplement its QP 5 quality system will likely have stronger businesses.

For example, invoking a strong internal audit program, a critical component of the QP-5 QMS, provides an ongoing framework for evaluating quality system compliance.  Internal audits also create an environment where continual improvement is both expected and desired.

A strong internal audit program can be supplemented by other procedures that can help avoid disciplinary action. Examples include:

  • Stated job performance requirements for managers and supervisory personnel to visit field and shop sites announced and unannounced.
  • Procedures used to screen inspector job applicants, including background and reference checks.
  • Training of inspectors, supervisory, and management staff on ethics.
  • Requirements of inspectors to sign attestations concerning best practices and job ethics.
  • Procedures for frequency and type of supervision of inspectors, especially those new to the company.
  • Procedures to validate inspection results from the field or shop
  • Procedures for monitoring daily inspection reports and training of reviewers, noting anomalies in behavior that might be the result of ethical dilemmas.
  • Project manager accountability if unethical or illegal or bad practice is discovered on a PM’s job site.

The SSPC-QP 5 Disciplinary Action Criteria includes:

  • Critical Faults Triggering Disciplinary Action
  • Administrative Procedures
  • Triggers for Disciplinary Actions
  • Process for Discipline
  • Process for Arbitration
  • Table of Disciplinary Actions
  • Enforcement
  • Special Notes
  • Watch List Clause
  • Appendix A: Job Performance Evaluation Form
  • Appendix B: Sample Cover Letter

Click here to download a PDF copy of the QP 5 DAC