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SSPC GreenCOAT Video Proceedings

Conferences come and go, and often it seems that one blends into another.  But if you've ever found yourself thinking about a presentation or speaker that you heard at a past conference, and wished you could revisit the topic or recall something they said or a slide that they showed, well now you can!  

The SSPC Video Proceedings powered by JPCL/PaintSquare gives you instant access to many of the most popular presentations from SSPC 2012, 2013 and 2014. Featuring speaker videos side-by-side with their presentations, you get the sense of being part of the crowd.  As a bonus, on many of the videos, you can hear the Q & A between the speaker and the audience.  In addition, each presentation includes a Q & A link that enables users to ask their own questions of the speaker.

If you never been to SSPC featuring GreenCOAT, this is your chance to get a preview of the show from the comfort of your chair!


Video Proceedings Screen Shot