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Latest Revisions of SSPC Standards

Last update December 8, 2016

The table below lists all active SSPC standards with the month and year of the latest revision. The current versions of all SSPC Standards are available on the SSPC Marketplace.


ID No. Title Latest Revision
SP-COM Surface Preparation Commentary (not a consensus standard) Mar-15
SP 1 Solvent Cleaning Apr -15 ed. rev. Aug-16
SP 2 Hand Tool Cleaning Nov-04
SP 3 Power Tool Cleaning Nov-04
SP 5 White Metal Blast Cleaning Jan-07
SP 6 Commercial Blast Cleaning Jan-07
SP 7 Brush-Off Blast Cleaning Jan-07
SP 8 Pickling Nov-04
SP 10 Near-White Metal Blast Cleaning Jan-07
SP 11 Power Tool Cleaning to Bare Metal Nov-13
SP 12 Surface Preparation and Cleaning of Metals by Waterjetting Prior to Recoating (WITHDRAWN JULY 2012, REPLACED BY SSPC-SP WJ-1,2,3, AND 4, see below)
SP 13 Surface Preparation of Concrete Mar-03
SP 14 Industrial Blast Cleaning Jan-07
SP 15 Commercial Grade Power-Tool Cleaning Nov-13
SP 16 Brush-Off Blast Cleaning of Coated and Uncoated Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steels, and Non-Ferrous Metals Apr-10
SP WJ-1 Waterjet Cleaning of Metals -- Clean to Bare Substrate (published July 9, 2012) Mar-12
SP WJ-2 Waterjet Cleaning of Metals -- Very Thorough Cleaning (published July 9, 2012) Mar-12, ed. rev. Mar-16
SP WJ-3 Waterjet Cleaning of Metals -- Thorough Cleaning (published July 9, 2012) Mar-12
SP WJ-4 Waterjet Cleaning of Metals -- Light Cleaning (published July 9, 2012) Mar-12
SP 5 (WAB)  White Metal Wet Abrasive Blast Cleaning (published March 18, 2016) Aug-15
SP 6 (WAB) Commercial Wet Abrasive Blast Cleaning (published March 18, 2016) Aug-15
SP 7 (WAB) IBrush-Off Wet Abrasive Blast Cleaning (published March 18, 2016) Aug-15
SP 10 (WAB) Near-White Metal Wet Abrasive Blast Cleaning (published March 18, 2016) Aug-15
SP 14 (WAB) Industrial Wet Abrasive Blast Cleaning (published March 18, 2016) Aug-15
AB 1 Mineral & Slag Abrasives

Jan-15, ed. rev. Dec-16

AB 2 Cleanliness of Recycled Ferrous Metallic Abrasives

Mar-15, ed rev. Feb 16

AB 3 Ferrous Metallic Abrasives Nov-04
AB 4 Recyclable Encapsulated Abrasive Media (in a compressible cellular matrix) Nov-15 ed. rev. Aug-2016
VIS 1 Guide and Reference Photographs for Steel Surfaces Prepared by Dry Abrasive Blast Cleaning 2002
VIS 2 Standard Method of Evaluating Degree of Rusting on Painted Steel Surfaces 2000
VIS 3 Guide and Reference Photographs for Steel Surfaces Prepared by Hand and Power Tool Cleaning 2004
VIS 4 Guide and Reference Photographs for Steel Surfaces Prepared by Waterjetting  2001
VIS 5 Guide and Reference Photographs for Steel Surfaces Prepared by Wet Abrasive Blast Cleaning 2001
PA 1 Shop, Field and Maintenance Painting of Steel Jun-16
PA 2 Procedure for Determining Conformance to Dry Coating Thickness Requirements Jan-15, ed. rev. Aug-16
PA 4 Guide to Maintenance Repainting with Oil Base or Alkyd Painting Systems Nov-04
PA 5 Maintenance Painting Programs Nov-04
PA 6 Application of Fiber-Reinforced Linings to Steel  Feb-02
PA 7 Application of Coating to Concrete Nov-04
PA 8 Application of Thin-Film Organic Linings (Joint Std) Mar-03
PA 9 Measurement of Dry Coating Thickness Using Ultrasonic Gages Jul 15, ed. rev. Aug-15
PA Guide 10 Guide to Safety and Health Requirements for Industrial Painting Projects Aug-08
PA Guide 11 Protecting Edges, Crevices, and Irregular Steel Surfaces by Stripe Coating Aug-08
PA Guide 13 Guide for Application of Coating Systems With Zinc-Rich Primers to Steel Bridges Jan-15
PA 14 Field Application of Plural Component Polyurea and
Polyurethane Thick Film Coatings to Concrete and Steel
PA 15 Material and Preparation Requirements for Steel Test Panels Used to Evaluate the Performance of industrial Coatings Mar-13
PA 16 Method for Evaluating Scribe Undercutting on Coated Steel Test Panels Following Corrosion Testing Sep-12
PA 17 Procedure for Determining Conformance to Steel Profile/Surface
Roughness/Peak Count Requirements
ed rev. May-15
QP-COM Commentary on Qualification Procedures (not a consensus standard) Jul-15
QP 1 Standard Procedure for Evaluating the Qualifications of Iindustrial/Marine Painting Contractors (Field application to Complex industrial and Marine Steel Structures) Mar-12, ed. rev. Mar-15
QP 2 Standard for Evaluating Painting Contractors (removal of Hazardous Coatings from industrial/Marine Structures) Sep-09
AISC 420-10, SSPC QP-3 Certification Standard for Shop Application of Complex Protective Coating Systems Sep-10
QP 4 Standard Procedure for Evaluating the Qualifications of Contractors Disturbing Hazardous Coatings During Demolition and Repair Work Nov-04
QP 5 Standard Procedure for Evaluating the Qualifications of Coating and Lining Inspection Companies Jul-12
QP 6 Standard Procedure for Evaluating the Qualifications of Contractors Who Apply Thermal Spray (Metallizing) for Corrosion Protection of Steel and Concrete Structures Aug-10
QP 7 Procedure for Evaluating Painting Contractors With
Limited Industrial Work Experience
QP 8 Standard Procedure for Evaluating the Qualifications of Contracting Firms that Install Polymer Coatings and Surfacings on Concrete and Other Cementitious Substrates Mar-15
QP 9 Standard for Evaluating Qualifications of Painting Contractors Who Apply Architectural Paints and Coatings Jan-14
QS-1 Standard Procedure for evaluating a Contractor’s advanced Quality management System Mar-15
SSPC-ACS 1/NACE No. 13 Industrial Coating and Lining Application Specialist Qualification and Certification (published June 10, 2016) Mar-16
Guide 6 Guide for Containing Surface Preparation Debris Generated during Paint Removal Operations May-15
Guide 7 Guide to the Disposal of Lead-Contaminated Surface Preparation Debris Jul-15
Guide 9 Guide for Atmospheric Testing of Coatings in the  Field Nov-04
Guide 10 Guide to Specifying Coatings Conforming to Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Content Requirements Nov-04
Guide 12 Guide for Illumination of Industrial Painting Projects Oct-16
Guide 13 Guide for the Identification and Use of Industrial Coating Materials in computerized Product databases Nov-04
Guide 14 Guide for the Repair of Imperfections in Galvanized, Organic, or Inorganic Zinc-Coated Steel using Organic Zinc-Rich Coatings Nov-04
Guide 15 Field Methods for Retrieval and Analysis of Soluble Salts on Steel and Other Nonporous Substrates Aug-13
Guide 16 Guide to Specifying and Selecting Dust Collectors Aug-03
Guide 17 Guide to Developing a Corporate Safety Program for industrial Painting and Coating Contractors Jan-04
Guide 18 Specifier's Guide for Determining Containment Class and Environmental Monitoring Strategies for Lead-Paint Removal Projects Feb-08
Guide 19 Selection of Protective Coatings for Use Over Galvanized Substrates Nov-12
Guide 20 Guide for Applying Thick Film Coatings and Surfacings
Over Concrete Floors
(replaces SSPC-TU 10 of same title)
Guide 21 Guide to Evaluation of Slip and Fall Resistance of Flooring Surfaces (new 2015) May-15
Guide 22 Use and Retention of Pre-Construction Primers
on Steel In Shipbuilding
TU 1 Surface Tolerant Coatings for Steel Nov-04
TU 2 Design, Installation, and Maintenance of Coating Systems for Concrete Used in Secondary Containment Feb-97
TU 3 Overcoating Nov-04
TU 5 Accelerated Testing of Protective Coating Nov-04
TU 6 Chemical Stripping of Organic Coatings From Steel Structures Nov-04
TU 7 Conducting Ambient Air, Soil, and Water Sampling during Surface Preparation and Paint disturbance Activities May-15
TU 8 The Use of Isocyanate-Containing Paints as Industrial Maintenance Coatings Nov-04
TU 9 Estimating Costs for Protective Coatings Projects Nov-04
TU 10 Procedures for Applying Thick Film Coatings and Surfacings Over Concrete Floors (REPLACED BY GUIDE 20 May 2014) 'Nov-04
TU 11 Inspection of Fluorescent Coating Systems Dec-10
TU 12 Ambient-Curing Fluoropolymer Finish Coats Applied to Metal Substrates (new 2015) May-15
TR 1 Thermal Precleaning Nov-04
TR 2 Wet Abrasive Blasting Nov-04
TR 3 Dehumidification and Temperature Control During Surface Preparation, Application, and Curing for Coatings/Linings of Steel Tanks, Vessels, and Other Enclosed Spaces Dec-00
TR 4 Preparation of Protective Coating Specifications for Atmospheric Service Dec-00
TR 5 Design, Installation, and Maintenance of Protective Polymer Flooring Systems for Concrete Nov-03
Paint 15 Steel Joist Shop Primer/Metal Building Primer Mar-04
Paint 16 Coal Tar Epoxy Polyamide, Black or Dark Red  Jun-15
Paint 20 Zinc Rich Primers IO and O Nov-04
Paint 23 Latex Primer for Steel Surfaces Mar-13
Paint 24 Latex Exterior Finish Coat for Steel Surfaces, Performance-Based Oct-16
Paint 27 Basic Zinc Chromate-Vinyl Butyral Wash Primer Nov-04
Paint 28 Water-Borne Epoxy Primer for Steel Surfaces Nov-04
Paint 29 Zinc Dust Sacrificial Primer, Performance Feb-14
Paint 30 Weld Through IOZ primer Nov-04
Paint 32 Coal Tar Emulsion Jun-15
Paint 33 Coal Tar Mastic, Cold-Applied Jun-15
Paint 36 Two-Component Weatherable Aliphatic Polyurethane Topcoat, Performance-Based Sep-13
Paint 38 Sngle-Package, Moisture Cure Aliphatic Polyurethane Topcoat, performance based Sep-13
Paint 39 Two-Component Aliphatic Polyurea Topcoat Fast or Moderate Drying, Performance-Based Apr-15
Paint 40 Zinc-Rich Moisture-Cure Polyurethane Primer, Performance-Based (new April 2007) Apr-07
Paint 41 Moisture-Cured Polyurethane Primer or Intermediate Coat, Micaceous Iron Oxide Reinforced, Performance-Based Feb-08
Paint 42 Epoxy Polyamide/Polyamidoamine Primer, Performance-Based Oct-15
Paint 43 Direct-to-Metal Aliphatic Polyurea Coating, Performance-Based Mar-12
Paint 44 Liquid-Applied Organic Polymeric Coatings and Linings for Concrete Structures in Municipal Wastewater Facilities, Performance-Based Aug 13, ed. rev. Oct-13
Paint 45 Two-Component, Thick-Film Polyurea and Polyurea/PolyurethaneHybrid Coatings, Performance-Based Dec-13
Paint 46 Elastomeric, Water-Based, High-Build, Flat Coating for Masonry and Concrete Nov-15
PS Guide 12.00 Guide to Zinc-Rich Systems Mar-07
PS Guide 12.01 One-Coat Zinc-Rich Painting System Nov-04
PS Guide 22.00 Guide for Selecting One-Coat Preconstruction or Prefabrication Painting Systems Nov-04
CS 23.00/AWS C.2.23/NACE No. 12 Specification for the Application of Thermal Spray (Metalized) Coatings of Aluminum, Zinc, and their Alloys and Composites for the Corrosion Protection of Steel May-16, released Sep-16
PS 26.00 Aluminum-Pigmented Epoxy Coating System Materials Standard, Performance-Based Dec-16
PS 28.01 Two-Coat Zinc-Rich Polyurethane Primer/Aliphatic Polyurea Topcoat System, Performance-Based Apr-09
PS 28.02 Three-Coat Moisture-Cured Polyurethane Coating System, Performance-Based Jun-10