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SSPC Technical Committees Forming Now

Last updated January 2, 2017

  • The committees below are accepting voting members subject to the following restrictions:
  • Membership is limited to one voting representative per company. Additional representatives from the same company may join as nonvoting members.
  • No more than 50% of the committee members may represent a single stakeholder interest category (e.g, contractors, coating manufacturers, consultants, equipment manufacturers).
  • Voting members who fail to respond to three consecutive ballots from a committee lose their voting privileges on that committee.
  • If a request for voting membership cannot be honored, you wil be contacted by SSPC staff.  
A committee membership application form is available here .  See SSPC Committee Membership for more information on technical committee membership.

Contact Aimée Beggs (beggs@sspc.org, 412-288-6042) if you are interested in joining one of these committees. Note that only one voting member per company is permitted on a committee, and no more than 50% of the voting members can represent supplier interests

  • C.1.1, Zinc Coatings:  The committee will review and update SSPC-Paint 20, Zinc-Rich Coatings Type I - Inorganic and Type II - Organic, and Paint 30, Weld-Through Inorganic Zinc-Rich Primer
  • C.1.5.F, Prevention of Corrosion Under Insulation:  The committee will develop a guide for Prevention, Inspection and Repair of Corrosion under Insulation
  • C.1.13, Coatings for Concrete in Wastewater Facilities:  The committee will review and update SSPC-Paint 44, Liquid-Applied Organic Polymeric Coatings and Linings for Concrete Structures in Municipal Wastewater Facilities, Performance-Based
  • C.1.15, Revision of SSPC-Guide 14:  The committee will review and update SSPC-Guide 14, Guide for the Repair of Imperfections in Galvanized, Organic, or Inorganic Zinc-Coated Steel Using Organic Zinc-Rich Coatings
  • C.2.8, Revision of SSPC-SP 16:  The committee will review and revise SSPC-SP 16, Brush-Off Blast Cleaning of Non-Ferrous Metals
  • C.2.11, Profile Measurement Compliance (Revision of SSPC-PA 17)
  • C.3.11, Measurement of Surface Area for Estimating Industrial Coating Work:  The committee will review the existing PDCA standard P10-01 and suggest modifications for its use in estimating industrial coating projects.
  • C.5.1, Revision of SSPC-TU 8: The committee will review and revise SSPC-TU 8, The Use of Isocyanate-Containing Paints as Industrial Maintenance Coatings
  • C.5.5, Containment Support Structures and Platform Design:  The committee will develop a technology update for design of elevated platform systems accessing or supporting containment structures
  • C.7.3, Surface Preparation Standards for Concrete:  The committee will develop a set of standards for cleanliness of concrete surfaces prepared using various cleaning techniques.
  • C.7.5, Texture of Concrete Floor Coatings:  The committee will develop a classification scheme and standard for texture of floor coatings.
  • C.7.8, Revision of SSPC-TR 5/ICRI 03741/NACE 02203, "Design, Installation and Maintenance of Protective Polymer Flooring Systems for Concrete"
  • Committee for Review/Revision of SSPC-PA 8/NACE No. 11, Thin-Film Organic Linings Applied in New Carbon Steel Process Vessels
  • International Standards Advisory Group:  This group will monitor international standards activities that may affect SSPC and provide member input where possible.