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$300 initial application fee
$200 examination fee
$75 re-evaluation fee

$400 initial application fee
$300 examination fee
$125 re-evaluation fee

Certification Term: 4 Years

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About the PCS Certification Program

The Protective Coatings Specialist certification program (PCS) identifies and awards recognition to individuals who have in-depth knowledge in the principles and practices of industrial coatings technology. Certification attests to the professional credibility of the coatings practitioner and raises the standards of the protective coatings profession.

PCS Certification demonstrates mastery in:

  • Assessment of coatings systems
  • Development of coatings specifications
  • Surface preparation and coatings applications
  • Economics of coatings
  • Contract planning and management
  • Coating failure analysis
  • Inspection


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PCS Program Requirements

PCS Exam Infomation

Embosser Program for PCS Individuals

PCS Background

Forms, Application and Program Information

Applicants Background

Applicants should understand the mechanisms and effects of corrosion for a variety of materials, and be knowledgeable of the role coatings play in industrial corrosion control. The prospective Protective Coatings Specialist should also exhibit competence in management and planning of contracts for new construction and maintenance painting, economic analysis, and implementation of environmental and safety regulations and controls.

Licensed Provider

SSPC Training Courses are available through the following SSPC licensed training providers.

General Administrative Questions, Comments, & Suggestions

Contact Silvia Palmieri at P: 412/281-2331 x 2201 or palmieri@sspc.org if you are interested in enrolling in this program.