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Coating and Painting Bridge Superstructures eCourse

Level: Basic
Duration: 5 hours

Course Description

This course will consist of three core 90-minute web based training units that are designed to familiarize the worker of the necessary steps taken during coating and painting bridge superstructures.

Course Content

Benefits of Completing This eCourse

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify the importance of coating and painting steel bridge superstructures as part of bridge preservation activities.
  • Identify different phases in steel bridge superstructure coating and painting projects.
  • Identify each phase’s purpose and importance when used in steel bridge superstructure coating and painting projects.
  • List resources and organizations that provide additional information, training, or other references.

Course Format

This eCourse features 5 units, including the introduction and summary, as a series of webpages that students can access whenever it is convenient.

Who Should Attend

Anyone that is new to the protective coatings industry and wants to learn more about the techniques and terminology used when painting bridges.

How to Register

Registration is not required for this course. It is open and available free of charge to anyone who wishes to participate. At the conclusion of each 90-minute unit, students will have the option to provide feedback regarding the training via a short survey.

To launch a course, please use these links:


Whether your are a current student, just browsing, or someone who is planning to take this course, questions should be directed to Heather Stiner at stiner@sspc.org.

Feedback Survey

If you've completed the  course, please take a moment to share your thoughts with us:  Feedback Survey.